19 October, 2017

Wohoo – we’re a ”Superföretag”!

We’re always thrilled to talk about successful clients – this week we also have some exciting news about ourselves: We are a ”Super company”! (Superföretag)

Out of Sweden’s 513 000 private corporations, the trade magazine Veckans Affärer and Bisnode have appointed this year’s Superföretag. 641 corporations have made better results than 99,99% and we’re one of them.

To qualify you have to achieve certain goals when it comes to growth and revenue, four years in a row. The key to our success is our company culture which promotes wellbeing, creativity and work-life balance*. We’re convinced that both ours, and our customer’s success, is directly related to our company culture. Behind every super-company is a super-team!

*This topic is close to our heart, and next week our CEO, Anna Stenström, will join a roundtable discussion at Komm! – Company Culture as a Differentiator – which will be filmed and made available to all Komm! Members. We are very proud of our company culture and would love to share more of our ideas and experiences with the industry.

Read the news at Veckans Affärer.