1 December, 2017

The Swedish Church builds a spa – Mustasch takes care of the marketing

In September 2018, the Swedish Church will open their first spa – Andrum – at Stiftsgården Åkersberg in Höör. Lunds stiftelse is running the operations and have significantly broadened their offering and their target group with this establishment. Mustasch is honored to be trusted with creating a marketing plan for this historic launch.

Saunas, treatments and peaceful moments of relaxation will entice a new group of visitors and also give those who return a higher value. The ground was broken in May of 2017 and around that time Mustasch visited Stiftsgården Åkersberg to present our ideas and concept for the launch of Andrum.
The team is currently working on strategy as well as production of content and a graphic profile.

Our Marketing Strategist and Co-owner Sofia Persson is the Account Director for Andrum Spa:

– This project is so cool I have to pinch myself in the arm! It’s the first spa in history to be run by the Swedish Church and we get to be a part of it. We are developing a logo and graphic profile, marketing strategy and different types of marketing material. It’s a completely unique project and we couldn’t be happier to be working with them.

The Operations Manager at Åkersberg Stiftsgård, Jens Malmhagen, is also excited about the partnership:

– There is so much going on right now. We are renovating rooms, the dining room and the front desk area at Stiftsgården Åkersberg. But the biggest thing is of course launching Andrum Spa. We have been very selective when it comes to suppliers such as the architect, decorator and the marketing agency. They have all been put to the test. We picked Mustasch since we felt they had both the strategic competence and a very good understanding about our business.