12 January, 2018

New client alert: Hammer & Hanborg

hammer hanborgs logo

Let us introduce our latest client; consulting company Hammer & Hanborg. They know all about what it takes to keep up in a digitalized world. They help companies to secure the future’s competence – and we’re thrilled they chose us as their partner!

Our first project is to create a platform where everyone who wants to join Hammer & Hanborg in their journey to a successful professional life, can gather. Even if we just started the project, we have the best conditions to succeed. It’s very exciting and energizing to work with a client who’s determined to be an innovator and drive change in their industry.

Hammer and Hanborg have made it their mission to create the best conditions for professional development in the future. By the end of 2017 they found a partner to develop a user-friendly web based platform with integrated features for job search, candidates, consultants and employers. Here’s what Christina Hammer, Founding Partner at Hammer & Hanborg have to say:

– We had narrowed down our choice to two agencies who we met and discussed our initial thoughts with. Both agencies were very knowledgeable and had interesting ideas, but the feeling in the room was completely different with Mustasch – it felt easier and just a whole lot better. We ”clicked”, to put it simply. We are very careful when choosing suppliers. The relationship is the most important part; to be able to be direct and transparent, to trust and to understand each other is crucial. I have high expectations and believe Mustasch can really help us to build the future’s professional lives the best way possible.

We are super excited!
Read more about Hammer & Hanborg here.