25 May, 2021

Finally time to present: Nine recommendations for public procurement

Our very own Sofia makes us so proud! In the past year, we have seen much less of her than usual, since she has dedicated her time to something that will help our entire industry.

And on Friday, May 28, 2021, it will finally be launched: “Recommendations for public procurement of consulting communication services according to LOU”.

This is how Sofia herself writes about the entire journey and why this work is so important:

One year and one day. A lot can happen in that time. On May 28, a year and a day after I was elected to KOMM’s board, something very important will be launched that I am very proud to have participated in. Something that both agencies and clients had at the top of their wish list over the past decade: Recommendations for public procurement of consulting communication services according to LOU.

Procurement of communication is a complex and comprehensive issue. Therefore, we have taken in viewpoints and advice from the Procurement Authority, lawyers, public agencies, as well as both large and small agencies. We have received many different opinions and sometimes even total misunderstandings about what one may or may not do. Which, in itself, makes it even clearer how difficult the question is.

But the recommendations are finally ready to be launched. A total of nine pieces, packaged in a manual and a short film for each recommendation. As many as three industry organizations are behind them – KOMM (Swedish Communications Agencies), PRECIS (the PR agencies’ organization) and Swedish Content Agencies.

This Friday, May 28 at 10:45–12:00, the handbook and videos will be launched at a webinar for agencies. If you have not already signed up, do it now! 

And on June 23, a webinar will be held aimed at procurers “How to procure power-creating communication as a public actor”. Keep an eye on komm.se where more information about the second event will be posted.

I hope that the handbook will help to make public procurement of communication wiser, more efficient and, above all, more effective. May it help many businesses and agencies find their perfect matches!
/ Sofia