19 September, 2017

Enkla Elbolaget picks Mustasch Advertising Agency

Enkla Elbolaget, part of Dalakraft and together with Jämtkraft and Scandem is Sweden’s 6th largest power group, picked Mustasch as their new agency.

Cecilia Håkansson, Marketing Manager at Enkla Elbolaget, tells us about the new partnership which was initiated in August:

– We felt like we needed some new energy and creativity to enhance the Enkla Elbolaget brand, both strategically and operationally. We had a great gut-feeling about Mustasch, already at the first meeting. We felt like they had the knowledge, creativity and the engagement we were looking for. Together we can move the needle and make a difference. We will work relentlessly to challenge and think outside the box in a very traditional business area. It will be even more clear that we’re the easy and energizing choice.

Sofia Persson, Marketing Strategist at Mustasch and the Account Director for Enkla Elbolaget, is also excited about the partnership:

– Enkla Elbolaget is a dream client! They have an amazing offering, they are professional and they aim high. That’s what gets us going! We have been keeping an eye on them since the beginning and always liked how they do things differently. They are brave and have the same outlook as us, every time you have a choice – go with the unexpected one! A brave client and a brave agency paving the way is a magical combination. We look forward to reaching new heights with Enkla Elbolaget!