Making impressions

Everything we do, for our clients and for ourselves as an agency, makes impressions. With the goal to make a difference in the world, on the market, and within a target group. It’s all about how your brand is claiming its position and stands out from the crowd. Why it should be remembered and get chosen.

What we do

We make our clients successful. You can get there in many different ways. That’s why we separated what we do into four areas of expertise:

Business Development

• Brand Strategy
• Consulting Board of Directors, CEO, CMO or Head of Communications
• Employee branding
• Target group analysis
• Market research
• Communication plan
• Media plan


• Setting goals based on the Effectiveness System
• Impact measurement
• SEO and SEM consultation
• UX-analysis of websites and apps


• Communication concepts
• Campaigns
• Websites
• Graphic profile and guidelines
• Social media
• Banner- and ad production
• Folders and brochures
• Jingles for radio
• Photography
• Video production
• Animation, infographics, illustrations
• AR = Augmented Reality
• Annual Reports

Seminars and workshops

• Inspirational seminars
• Workshops
• Moderating teams