Bas van den Eijkhof

Art Director

My father used to say: ”You shouldn’t give what you say that you are, you should give what you really are, inside.” That came to be the beginning of my journey within communications. Because that’s the key to a successful communicative concept – finding the core of a brand and expressing it in an as direct and honest manner as possible.

I grew up with the perspective to always think outside the box, to find new ways forward. Today, I’m driven by building strong, smart and inspiring design solutions that create feelings, simplify complicated subjects and generate use to our customers.

I love the exploration process that begins with a simple pen and a paper, and the magic that can evolve through spontaneity. Experience has proven it’s a great combination. I’m drawn to the unusual, and I have a strong belief in following your gut feeling. I’m convinced that when you believe in something – everything is possible! 

+46 765-69 98 71